How to Commission a Painting or Other Work from Deborah A. Berlin

  1. Original contact should be by email to

    1. If you are local, I’d be happy to meet with you. If you are not, we can get together via an online meeting.

  2. We will discuss your concept idea(s).

    1. You will provide me with reference photos, if necessary.

    2. You will provide me with the desired size of the finished piece.

  3. We will discuss options for medium (acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, or mixed media) final presentation (i.e., cradled Gessobord; fine paper matted; canvas board, etc.).

  4. We will discuss framing, which is an added charge. I utilize a local but well-known shop and if you choose to have me facilitate this, you would be sent a separate invoice for the framing. Another option is for you to frame it in-studio, provided I have the size your piece would require - my shop primarily uses reclaimed/re-used/recycled framing materials which saves on cost and, more importantly, is a greener choice. Of course, you may also choose to take care of the framing on your own.

  5. We will discuss shipping. Hand-delivery within 10 miles of my location is free! All other shipping options will be billed to you.

  6. We will discuss payment. Price is determined by a variety of factors, but a good place to begin an estimate is by linear inch. For example, an 18” x 24” acrylic painting on 140lb watercolor paper (i.e., Canson Montval) would be $420.00, before framing and shipping. A 50% deposit would be required.

  7. When the painting is complete, I will email the image(s) to you for approval.

  8. Final payment will be expected once the painting is approved. Upon receipt of final payment, the painting will be sealed and varnished, if appropriate. Thereafter, the painting will be delivered or shipped.